Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park

Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park

Yilan County is well-known for its numerous natural hot springs due to the area’s geographic nature. Amongst these are the historic “Jiaoxi Hot Spring”, which is known as “The Hot Spring among Hot Springs” and “Tangwei Hot Spring” which has been famous since Qing Dynasty and ranked on the “Eight Scenes of Lanyang Area”.

The Jiaoxi Hot Spring originates from the foot of a hill behind Fuchung Temple at Deyang Village and runs through railroads and highways, before gathering into a brook and used by the locals as natural baths in ancient times. To date, there are only two public bathhouses left for those who want to try such baths. As an alkaline fountain, Jiaoxi Hot Spring is crystal-clear, odorless and contains a considerable amount of minerals like Potassium chloride, Sodium sulphide, Potassium hydrogen carbonate as well as other rich organisms. The Farmer's Association of Jiaoxi has also been developing hot spring vegetables, hot spring drinking water, and hot spring breeding to explore various usage of hot spring water for the local agricultural industry.

This place is also known as 礁溪溫泉公園.